Drew Ferneyhough took on a love of drawing from a very early age, eventually turning it into a passion to create symbolic, surreal and even shocking imagery. Starting out exclusively in gothic ballpoint pen illustrations, his style grew to span a vast array of artistic expression. His work varies from sharp graphic design to impressionistic sci-fi landscape; from fantastical wildlife paintings to stunning picturesque portraits and more. Taking inspiration from classical masters, graphic novels, steampunk, Art Nouveau, Surrealism, grafitti, pulp Sci-Fi book covers, religious iconography, album artwork, anatomy, and his own imagination, Andrew's technique employs acrylic painting, pen, pencil & chalk drawing, ephemera, screen-printing, Photoshop, seashells, spray paint or simply whatever suits the task. In 2010, Andrew graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design with Distinction, majoring in Drawing & Painting, with minors in both Art History and Material Art & Design. His artwork has graced the covers of numerous albums & band merchandise, posters, t-shirts, suitcases, websites and many thoroughly happy people's walls / skin. Taking on both commissions and local shows to promote his work, Andrew currently lives on and works out of Mayne Island, British Columbia, where he is the co-proprietor of EnVision Gallery, representing over 75 artists from in and around the Southern Gulf Islands, not far from a beach full of oyster shells/canvases.